Getting Started

After you have installed your app following the instructions of Installation, you'll see a desktop and a Start Menu or Screen.

Desktop shortcut

Start Screen Shortcut

You need to double click this shortcut to launch the app. After doing that, you'll see a Splash Screen, which appears while the "under-the-hood" stuff loads. ;) It looks like this:

When you start the app for the first time, you'll see a new thing pop up. It's called 'The Assistant'. It will ease out your task of configuring the app by just asking you a few questions. ;)

It's highly recommended that you continue. This will help make your experience better! Don't worry, it won't take much of your time. :)
After that, you'll see a box asking you to check for updates.

If you want, check for updates, otherwise, move on to the Next page.
You can't live without searching, can you? :P
Choose your favourite search engine! The top 3 are present in the list, though more will come in the consequent versions.

Then, you'll be asked for some basic info. Here, you can choose your homepage, check for updates, enable "Always on Top" feature (it keeps your browser on top, no matter what you open). Your expertise level helps us to disable stuff which might be difficult for new users to understand. Don't worry, there's nothing to be ashamed. :)
Note: You won't be able to change back to Beginner if you select other options. Beginners always have The Assistant for help.

If you're an advanced user, you'll be shown the compatible plugins.

You're done!

After that, you'll see your selected homepage, in the main browser window. :)

Basic Usage

After you're done Installing and Getting Started with your app, you need to know how to use it. It's pretty simple, but you might need help.
Once you're done configuring your app using 'The Assistant', you may start browsing. This is how your app will appear after you've opened it.

Looks lonely, ain't it? Probably, the thought that comes to your mind is that there's no way to go to a URL, or back or forward, or whatever! This probably wasn't what you expected. Notice that diagonal arrow in the lower-right corner? You need to click that button, to get all the controls on screen. This was done so that the controls do not disrupt your browsing experience and your focus is pixel-to-pixel on the webpage! :)

If you click on that little wrench, being an intermediate or advanced user, you'll see the Settings dialog box. However, if you're a beginner, The Assistant will help you again. ;)

If you click on the little 'i' button you see there, you'll see the About box.

The main app looks pretty simple, doesn't it? You only need to click on (or tap, for that matter) on the appropriate button. If the current page is the first page you visited, the back button will be greyed out. If you haven't pressed back, then the forward button will be greyed out. You can use these buttons just as you would, in a normal web browser. The big white bar, is the address bar, where you enter your URL. Click the up and down arrow to hide the panels. Well, rest is up to you. Try it. Explore it. Learn it. Love it! :)

Limitations of Developer Preview (to be changed for next releases): No tabs support, no DNS URL support, a few glitches, No support for downloads


You can customize your app easily. All the settings you entered earlier, can now be changed easily.
If you're a beginner, you'll always have The Assistant to help you. ;) It works almost like the one above.
However, if you use the default settings, or you're an Intermediate or Advanced user, you'll see the Settings dialog on clicking on the wrench.

Here, you can choose your homepage, set your app always on top, check for updates, check out some help and documentation, check out the latest plugins, and choose your search engine.
In the 'General' tab, you can change general settings. The current open webpage will be selected as the homepage if you click "Use Current". "Use Blank" will set the default homepage to nothing. "Set Default" keeps the default homepage (the project page).
You have a checkbox for the Always on Top setting, and a button to check for updates. In the search tab, you only need to click on your favourite search engine.
The buttons you see below, are for Submitting Feedback (please do that!), launching The Assistant, saving your settings, or cancelling.

Known limitations: You can't customize the app colour (to be changed in next release). Your search engine is saved regardless of choosing Cancel.

Sending Feedback

The app sports a built-in tool for sending feedback. Your opinion matters to us! Please submit feedback and share your opinion. If you want to send private feedback, use the built in tool (You can find that in About and Settings dialog) or use the online public issue tracker (for reporting bugs).
If you use the built in tool, it will look like this:

Enter all details you can, in the page. If you need help regarding a particular thing, click the link next to it. After you're done, click "Submit". Your feedback will reach us instantly! ;)

Enjoy, and don't forget to send feedback!

N.B. This information is preliminary and is subject to change. The images shown in the above demo might vary on individual systems.

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