Acquiring your copy

Before acquiring the software, you must understand that this is a highly primitive version of the actual release. This is NOT feature complete, and still needs LOADS of work. This is a pre-beta (or alpha) version of the software, so you might expect things to go wrong, or features to be incomplete.
The 'Downloads' page on CodePlex project for Codename 'Chrometro' is meant for you to download and acquire your copy of Codename 'Chrometro' Developer Preview. After clicking the Downloads link, you need to click on the release, named Codename 'Chrometro' Developer Preview, and download it.
Note: Due to the pre-release nature of the software, certain extra components are present in your download which will increase the download size. The consequent versions will sport a lesser download size.
It is highly recommended that you use Windows 8 Release Preview for the maximum performance and best UI, however, that's not a necessity.

Installing your copy

Prior to installation, you must agree to the License Terms. Also, you need your product key for the software to work, due to the private nature of some pre-releases. The Developer Preview, however, is public, so the keys are open:

1. 905V2-62JT0-9W640-56516-S986J
2. 626Q5-U7593-62755-5TRS6-B4120
3. J6749-89U26-76T35-02464-9672F
4. 7M582-21UB2-67775-97908-472J0
5. 0376Y-KIS3Y-Z99AB-3T728-7PF40
6. 82F09-E9B80-09968-7J776-46S5Y
7. 88019-E794O-63143-TP928-9LK70
8. C77DB-8XE6O-L6124-9C796-45E03
9. 73091-22M92-1PKP7-6P11A-D2B76
10. 1601X-78297-9I3S5-93Q17-52G01

Welcome to the installer!
The installer of this app, powered by Advanced Installer by Caphyon Inc., is an interactive program that will ease out your task of installing the software. You'll be asked a few simple questions, and you're done, then. It will automatically install all application pre-requisites, except of course, the OS. :P
The downloaded package is a .msi file which will only run with Windows Installer. On double clicking, you might need to provide administrator privileges. After that, you'll get a screen like this one:

All you need to do is, click Next. When you do that, you'll see the User Info page, in which you need to enter your details, and a product key from any of the above.

When you click Next, you'll see a dialog asking for your preferred choice of installation. If you're newbie (well, you shouldn't be trying this out then :P), choose the "Do it for me" option. It will go on with the default settings without irritating you much! If you are a power user and what to control what is installed and where, click on "Let me Choose" option. You'll be asked for everything done. ;)

If you choose to do it yourself, you'll be prompted for choosing the app features and plugins you want, to be installed. Go on, and make your choice here!

Further, you might be prompted to chose an install location. Just click Next if you aren't sure. ;)

After that, you need to confirm. Just click Next and the installation will begin. Typically, it won't take more than 30 seconds of your precious time!

In the end, you see a dialog box telling you that the installation is successful! Smile! :)

You might see a shortcut on your desktop for the app, as in the screenshot below:

Post Installation

After installing, you may enjoy your software, provided you follow the license terms. Be sure to submit feedback! We value it and will use it to improve future releases. :)
The next section explains in detail, how to use the app, and submit feedback.

N.B. This information is preliminary and is subject to change.

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