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Updated: Jun 22, 2012 by Prayaas
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Release Notes

Welcome to the Codename 'Chrometro' Developer Preview Refresh!
This is, as the name suggests, a 'refresh' of the earlier released pre-beta Developer Preview. It adds a touch of a new UI to the existing Developer Preview. ;)
Please note that this is a highly primitive build and the app is not even half of what it is meant to be.

The Developer Preview Refresh sports the following:
1) An easy to use application setup, with a web installer option.
2) The Assistant which simplifies your task of customization.
3) A sneak peek into the new look and UI which Windows 8 RTM is gonna' provide. ;)
4) A variety of settings and a Notification Area Icon
5) A browsing experience better than the Developer Preview in terms of support. Now it supports a couple of more HTML5 things. :)

To get started, download the Installer, and don't forget to check out the Documentation! Due to the pre-release nature of the build, much of extra stuff is present, which increases the download size. Future versions will sport a lesser download size, so you needn't worry that it's too much to be a browser. ;)

The best OS to run this, is ofcourse, Windows 8, as it provides Metro like .NET controls, giving an overall better look. However, that's not a compulsion. It is highly recommended that you try out this build only if you are not offended by things going wrong: Don't worry, only the app can go wrong. Your system is not affected ;)

You may read the Documentation, if you like, for full instructions on how to use it. The installer will automatically check whether it will work or not on your PC, and will download all required components for you and install them, except for the u..uu.. the OS, ofcourse. :P

This release is named the Developer Preview Refresh because it is basically meant for Developers to check out the source code, add their contributions, and make it better! Remember, that the team (contributors) will get full credits.

*Known limitations (will be fixed in future versions): No tabs support, no DNS URL support, no support for symbols in searches, a few glitches, No support for downloads, No customization in app colour scheme.

N.B. This release is covered under the EULA (End User License Agreement). Failure to abide by it, will result in civil and criminal liabilities.